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Recover Memory Card




Recover deleted data from memory card

Data storage has taken a whole new meaning, especially with the advent of the memory card. The memory card not only helps the user carry his data along with him, but it lets him carry a considerably large amount of data along with him. This makes the memory card, a much sought after storage media especially for people having digital cameras. Though memory card is used widely in digital cameras, they are also made use of in cell phones, PDAs, Digital Music players etc. It performs file recovery from SDXC,SDHC,Mini SD, Micro SD in simple steps.

Though the earlier memory cards had a limitation of storage size, the memory cards that are now available in the market, range from a few megabytes to a few gigabytes in size. This lets the user store large amounts of data in the form of documents and media files. Not only this, the data on these memory cards are portable, and can be read easily using standard card readers that are available.


However, we might sometimes end up deleting the data present on our memory card, just to realize later that the file that we deleted was important. This can occur when we hastily delete a large group of files and then hit the Delete button, or when we accidentally delete a wrong file. The problem with files deleted from a memory card is that these files do not go into the Recycle Bin on your system, as is the case with the files on your system. However, there is nothing to be anxious about, as these deleted files which have bypassed the Recycle Bin, can still be recovered.


In such a situation make sure that you stop using the memory card immediately, and get for yourself, a good Undelete software to recover deleted files memory cards. Recover Memory Card software lets you recover files deleted from all types of flash memory cards with ease. It can restore images from SD flash card, CF cards, MMC, XD cards etc. This software has the ability to recover various type of files from memory cards. It can even perform memory stick pro duo file recovery and other flash drive files in an easy way.

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You can follow the steps given below to recover deleted files memory cards, using Memory Card Recovery software


Step 1: Run Memory Card Recovery software, either by selecting the icon from the Programs list in the Start Menu or by clicking on the desktop shortcut. Once you launch the software, the main screen gets displayed. From the main screen select the "Recover Files" option as shown in Figure 1.


File Recovery software - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window


Step 2: Select the "Advanced File Recovery" option to choose the logical drive manually and recover deleted data from the memory card. Once you click the "Advanced File Recovery" option, the software displays the detected logical drives. Select the memory card which is shown as a logical drive from which you need to recover deleted data.


File Recovery software - Select logical drive

Figure 2: Select Logical Drive


Step 3:Once you click "Next" you the software gives you an option to perform an additional search based on the unique signature of a particular file. You may also skip this process to continue with the scanning process as shown in Figure 3.


File Recovery software - Found files and folders

Figure 3: Select File Type


Step 4: The software starts scanning the selected memory card and displays the recovered data. You can use the "Data View" / "File Type View" option to view the recovered data as hown in Figure 4. The recovered data can be previewed using the "Preview" option.


File Recovery software - Find option

Figure 4: View Recovered Data


Step 5:Use the "Save Recovery Sesson" option to save the scanned information. This option makes sure that you do not have to rescan the whole memory card once you purchase the full version. Once you activate the full version of the software, make use of the "Open Recovery Session" option to load the previously scanned information and save the recovered data


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