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Transcend Memory card Recovery

Transcend has been in the memory module manufacturing field for over 22 years. Though Transcend produces a variety of products ranging from USB flash drives, flash memory cards, mp3 players, portable hard drives etc, it is the Transcend flash memory cards that has the highest demand in the market. Transcend has different categories of flash memory cards designed to suit the needs of various portable device users. The different memory cards marketed by Transcend are discussed below,


  • Compact Flash card: There are various CF cards available, each of which is categorized based on their access speeds. The various CF cards are the 80X CF card, 133X CF card, 266X CF card, 300X CF card, 400X CF card and 600X CF card, with the 600X CF card which has data transfer rates of 92 MB/s.

  • Secure Digital Card: These are stamp sized flash memory cards which are widely used in digital cameras. Types of Transcend Secure Digital Cards include the basic Secure Digital card, the mini SD card, 80X mini SD card, 80X SD card, micro SD card, 80X microSD card, 133X SD card, 150X SD card and 80X industrial SD card.

  • Multimedia Cards: Multimedia cards are small removable memory cards used mainly in mobile applications.There are three types of Multimedia cards that are available namely, the Standard Multimedia card, MMC Plus and MMC mobile.

  • Secure Digital High Capacity cards: The Secure Digital High Capacity cards or SDHC cards are the new generation SD cards with a minimum memory capacity of 2GB. The different Transcend SDHC cards include, SDHC Class 4 card, SDHC Class 6 card, SDHC Class 10 card, microSDHC Class 2 card, microSDHC Class 4 card and microSDHC Class 6 card.

  • Gaming cards: Gaming cards are memory cards specially designed for gaming consoles and hand-held gaming systems like Playstation, Nintendo etc. This includes a single plug and play 2GB memory card with built-in Error Correcting code.

    Though Transcend flash memory cards are considered to be error free to some extent, there are instances when you might end up losing data from the memory card due to mishandling of the memory card, corruption of the memory card, accidental formatting or just plain deletion of the files. A good Transcend SD card photo recovery software can be used to recover images lost from Transcend SD card. Memory Card Picture Recovery software lets you recover all your deleted/lost data from all the Transcend flash memory cards mentioned above with ease.


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