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Kingston memory card recovery

Kingston, the leader in non volatile storage media, has been serving customers' world wide for over 23 years. The customer gets to choose from over 2000 products customized for almost all well known portable devices like digital cameras, mobiles, mp3 players etc. Kingston's experts claim, that unlike other memory card makers who make use of a generic module for a variety of systems, Kingston ensures that system specific modules are manufactured to suit the memory requirement of a specific device.


Kingston mainly manufactures and supplies three types of memory cards namely Compact Flash or CF cards, Secure Digital cards for Photos and Videos and SD cards for mobiles. Each of these can be described as follows,


  • Compact Flash cards: There are three different types of Compact Flash cards that Kingston provides to its users namely CompactFlash - Standard suited for , CompactFlash Elite Pro 133X and Compact Flash Ultimate 266X. These three Compact Flash cards are designed to reduce write speed and increase compatibility.

  • Secure Digital Photo/Video: Kingston provides photo and video solutions for the new generation digital cameras and camcorders. The different types of memory cards include Secure Digital, Secure Digital Ultimate, Secure Digital High Capacity Class 4 and Class 10 and SDXC memory cards. These are available in storage capacities starting from 2 GB.

  • Secure Digital mobile: These memory cards are specially designed for Mobile Phones, PDA's, GPS, Media Player etc. The different variety of mobile memory cards provided by Kingston includes microSD cards, SD cards, SDHC cards and micro SDHC cards. These are again available in memory capacities of 2 GB and above.


Though Kingston memory cards are available in various capacities and are customized to suit the various portable devices, many users have complained about having trouble while using these memory cards. These errors are mainly related to read and write errors with the memory card. In such cases, the user might end up losing the data from the memory card during data transfer. The only way the user can overcome this data loss is by the use of a proficient data recovery software. Memory Card Recovery software lets you recover memory card data from all types of Kingston memory cards easily. The software supports both photo recovery and recover deleted music files from memory card on Windows and Mac OS X. Additionally, this software can also retrieve lost files from memory stick pro duo and all other flash USB drives.

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